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Lexapro is used for treating depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

Average cost of lexapro 20 mg /d at an initial cost of $3,800 (n = 823). All participants were treated through a single physician during the study, regardless of drug dose. The median age of participants before initiation treatment was 32.6 years (range 13–73), and the mean duration of use all prescribed medications was 2.9 years (range 1.1–10.3) ( ). The majority of participants were white (97.7%), with most taking one or two classes of medications. The median cost each prescription drug was $1,250 (n = 803) as estimated from the U.S. Prescription Drug Plan database. Table 1. Demographic Variables Mean (SE) Number of Participants in the Sample (n = 823) Sex Female 984 (98.7) Male 911 (99.1) Ethnicity White (82.3%) Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (5.7%) Other (22.4%) Age (years) N = 803 Weight (lbs) Smoking status Never 810 (96.8) Current 584 (99.1) Duration of (in years) prescription medication use, median 11 (range 1–40) Open in a separate window Participant's drug use in the previous 6 months was documented and categorized as low to high (low, moderate, or high) according to the following terms: none, 1–3 prescriptions, 1 or 2 weeks, 2–7 prescriptions, at least 28 days. Drug use that was not documented in the survey was categorized as never taken. The majority of users (85.6%; n = 802) were prescribed an antidepressant at a median of 4.9 (interquartile range 3.6–6.3) prescriptions in the 6 months before enrollment. Approximately 60% of the sample (n generics pharmacy price list of medicines = 813) had taken an antidepressant within the previous 6 months. average length of prior antidepressant use was 9.6 months Sildenafil ohne rezept kaufen<